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Old 08-22-2004, 10:25 AM
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Thumbs up TGP/MGP Submissions -- Fine Tuning Quick Tips

(c) 2004 WebmasterLabor.Com Feel Free to post this article in all your webmaster resource sites, webmaster Yahoogroups, and webmaster forums. Please don't modify.

TGP/MGP Submissions -- Fine Tuning Quick Tips

The TGP/MGP submission game is getting more and more competitive. It is fairly easy to use Arles thumbnail page composition tool and/or Photoshop along with Dreamweaver or Notepad to come up with a gallery. Besides the obvious considerations of a) using fresh/unsaturated content and b) using a layout that guides surfers to clicking on your sponsor links, many webmasters neglect to pay proper attention to small fine tuned processes or elements in the submission process.

Unfortunately, these 'small' things may make the difference between acceptance and rejection.

Here are a few fine tuning tips gathered from WebmasterLabor.Com's experience submitting hundreds of galleries for clients:

1) Thumb quality is EXTREMELY important when submitting to Thumb TGP/MGPs:

Many thumbnail TGPs/MGPs trade their traffic in order to grow their volume. Your gallery is a key factor in their ability to grow. Hence, their quality review team zero in on your thumb selection. They are looking for bright/crisp thumbs that are correctly sized to their database and site layout. They are looking for thumbs that are selected and cropped to convey both the theme of their site and a taste of the action in your gallery.

Solution: Take some time looking at the theme of the thumb TGP/MGP you are submitting to and find the corresponding thumb in your gallery.

Solution 2: Crop the thumb in such a way that it focuses on the action. Put yourself in the position of the surfer. If you are looking for a particular niche--what angle, what composition of the thumb would YOU be interested in? Use this information in your thumb selection and cropping.

2) A process- and theory-driven picture selection and thumbnail cropping increases your income:

It is not enough to select (randomly) a bunch of pics and thumb them, add your recips, and submit. You should take some time to 1) understand your niche 2) understand the content package you plan to use and 3) understand the niche surfer you plan to appeal to with your gallery.

Understanding your niche: What is the focus of your niche? What type of action is desired by your niche? For example: She-males. What part of the anatomy of a she-male is desired by the end user? What types of situations in a pictorial will a she-male afficionado be interested in?

Using this information, select the pictures that convey the 'story flow' of the content package you are using. Pay attention to answering the niche questions above. A picture story should emerge that appeals to the surfer's interest. Plus, remember to use the standard story format of BEGINNING-MIDDLE-END. There should be an INTRO to the ACTION, THE ACTION, and THE CONCLUSION. Of course, you will have to select the pictures in such a way that it does not give everything away. Don't focus so much on the action and giving the end user everything he wants. If you do this, you've given them a free and FULL show and the likelihood of a sale is greatly diminished.

Cropping the pictures: Now that your pictures are arranged in a chronological, teasing, and user taste-centered manner, you will need to crop them so that they further TEASE the surfer. You need to crop the pictures so they 1) conform to the phase of the story of the gallery 2) focus on the niche user's requirements 3) avoid giving away too much. Cropping the face or a wide crop to show the 'meeting' or 'introduction' of the models is a good way to satisfy part 1). Part 2) can be satisfied by focusing the crop on the part of the physiology that the user is interested in for that niche. Example: Big tits niche focuses on the size of the breasts. Teen niche focuses on the youth of the model. She-male niche tend to focus on how female-like the model is and the mix of male/female features. etc.

The balancing act and the hardest part of the cropping phase is to satisfy part 2 while NOT giving away a completely free show. This is where your discretion comes in. You should have a written record of a ratio of non action to action shots with every submission. Correlate the number of clicks to your sponsor to each ratio. After several weeks, a clear picture should emerge regarding the proper ratio that goes best with your niche, your content, and your layout.

3) Pay attention to your descriptions:

Many webmasters make the mistake that as long as your description is ACCURATE for the gallery you are submitting that the TGP/MGP will list you. Once again, the TGP/MGP you are submitting to USUALLY (not all the time) trades traffic to increase their traffic volume. This requires that their surfers click on the text links. Users aren't going to click on text links that are boring or generic.

Which would you rather click:

Female fucked by guy


Eager little slut getting her tight holes punished by throbbing cock

Some tips on descriptions: Use action words. Similar to a resume, surfers aren't looking for passive words or words that denote past action. They want something that is going on NOW and DIRECTLY. Use nouns that denote the 'dirty' or 'intense' personal quality of the models. Don't use generic nouns like "guy" "chick" etc. Expand on the action. All hardcore galleries 'fuck' -- use words that GRAB the surfer. Use variations like banging / thumping etc. Use words that carry an EMOTIONAL PUNCH.

Bottomline: Wether or not you have a partner account, you are as much a "partner" of the TGP/MGP you are submitting to in their long term success. Take a little extra time in building your gallery in such a way that you become an asset to the people you are submitting to and you may be rewarded with more traffic.

Final note: Your success is determined by your traffic volume which in turn is determined by who lists you and their confidence in your content/text/layout. No one has full control over all the variables. No traffic is guaranteed. However, with fine attention to the details you will have an edge over those that don't pay such attention.

An archive of this article is located at feel free to use/copy our articles. Just leave them unmodified.

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Old 08-31-2004, 09:19 PM
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Great article, Nelson.

Always good to learn new things, or at least see things in a new light
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Old 12-03-2004, 04:04 PM
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truth: how's that a new thing?
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